The re-introduced hollow probe - improve the performance of your 22xx
Autumn 2009

Gordon of Gmac Custom Parts inspected a vintage Crosman 1322 and noticed it had a hollow probe.

Being a custom parts manufacturer he came up with the idea to manufacture a hollow probe for our current 22xx'es.

After making several pre-production versions, the performance came close to the regular custom extended pin probe and he asked me and others to test them and share the facts.

Winter 2009/2010

After several tweaks a version has been made that performs better compared to both the standard Crosman probe and the Gmac regular extended probe.

February 13, 2010

I received the latest version, tested it in an honest manner, not using performance boosting tricks like pre-warming the pistol or the CO2 cartridges.

I have documented 3 Crosman Premier pellet shotstring February 13th and 3 JSB Jumbo Express shotstrings February 14th using a video camera and made a spreadsheet showing the results and graphs.

This document can be downloaded as PDF file from the website of Gmac Custom Parts http://www.gmaccustomparts.com or from our website: click here

February 18, 2010

The vids I have made can be seen on the Gmac YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/gmaccustomparts

For your convenience it is also possible to see the introduction video on this page.
Best viewed in HD and full screen.

Overview of testing
a Gmac Custom Parts extended hollow probe,
a Gmac Custom Parts regular extended probe
and a standard Crosman probe:

2 full strings using a Gmac extended hollow probe

2 full strings using a Gmac regular extended probe

2 full strings using a standard Crosman probe


The contents of a CO2 cartridges vary, if not meassured full and empty it is not possible to produce realistic results.

Temperature influences performance.

Reassembling the pistol or carbine incorrectly will influence performance.

As stated above the testing has been done in an honest manner. I am merely one of Gordon's regular customers and have no interest in supplying incorrect data that would result in a boost of sales of his custom parts.

I have received no payment for these tests. As an unexpected and appreciated gesture of thanks I've been allowed to keep the 2240 used for testing the probes, instruction vids and for setting up the Gmac YouTube channel.

BRUTUZ, February 18, 2010.


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